When words alone are not enough_

_add professional graphics for superior results

Logo & Brand Design / Design for Life Sciences

Support the written word with purpose-led design. Make it look seriously confident or inspiringly different. Make it fizz with excitement or be appropriately academic.

Communicate even better with your audience with the right layout and graphics.

Logo & Brand Design

Feel great about the logo and design style

Look as professional as top brands and appeal to the right audience. Have a recognisable logo and consistent style.

Design for
Life Sciences

Be known for top-quality deliverables

Look as professional as peers, gain and retain attention from stakeholders, and feel proud of the published content.

Project examples

Every project is unique to its brand. The look is led by how the company wants to be seen alongside what will resonate with its specific audience.

Below are some examples of project work by Designs Like These. Click on an image to read about the goals of the project and the rationale behind the design. More examples can be found in the design portfolio.

Watt Coaching Logo Design - Text with green double arrow icon
Logo Design
9 Neves Bees lip balm products
Product Branding
Poster presentation design
Poster Presentation

“What sets Nikki apart is her uncanny ability to grasp what your brand means to you and your client base and translate this into beautiful visuals. She asked very insightful questions about my business to begin with, and it shows in the end result.”

Flo, Socius Associates, Oxford

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