Visual Communication - Brand Design and Collateral

Support the written word with purpose led design visuals

The presentation of a written message will affect the impression made. Does it look seriously confident or inspiringly different? Is it fizzing with excitement or appropriately academic? It is entirely possible to create the desired visual impression to communicate brilliantly with your audience.

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Small Business Branding

The logo is there to represent the brand, but is the design style giving the right message?

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Marketing Collateral

From Word to final artwork, be sure your marketing collateral looks beautifully designed

Portfolio example: Brand identity and packaging design for Neve’s Bees. Celebrating all things natural with bright flavoursome colours and patterns.  Read more about this project.

“What sets Nikki apart is her uncanny ability to grasp what your brand means to you and your client base and translate this into beautiful visuals. She asked very insightful questions about my business to begin with, and it shows in the end result.”

Flo, Socius Associates, Oxford

Take a look at my design portfolio

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