Why branding is key to the success of your small business

Why do I even need to brand my business you may ask. Simple. The answer is recognition.

You want people to recognise your business at 100 paces. Why?

This helps to build credibility and trust. If you build your brand well then people will learn to recognise your brand from only a snippet of visual reference. Perhaps a colour or icon or snippet of text. The more recognisable you are the more likely you are to be remembered. And if your branding is good – you will be at the top of the list.

You need to stand out

There is so much noise out there in the world of marketing that it is more important than ever to stand out from the crowd. Imagine you are a margherita pizza. You are sitting on your shelf with all the other margherita pizzas. As a product you all look very similar. But you do not look the same as all the others because your box is a distinctive shape. Your brand name is recognisable. And when the next shopper comes along looking for you they do not need to read the label very carefully because they recognise the shape of your label, shape of your box and colour of your brand logo. People are loyal to their favourite brands. Make yourself a favourite and use your branding to be easy to find.

Do you recognise any of these brands?

Pizza branding

Credibility – Invest in a great logo

Your logo is the face of your business. If that face does not fit the product or service then your brand will lose credibility. You will not find a funeral director with a cartoon style font for their logo. (If you do let me know and I will have strong words.)

Be visible and get noticed. So you have a great logo but what next?

Your logo is not the only visual reference to your business. Choose 1 or 2 fonts and a range of colours to use along side your logo and use them in everything you do – press releases, your website, your social media, your promotional leaflets and brochures. Invest in photography to capture your business professionally. (See what Shannon has to say about using photography to brand your business.) Develop a tone of voice through the language you use to talk and write about your business.

A great brand = recognition, credibility, trust, stand out. Be seen as a professional, be taken seriously and be the expert in your field.

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