Can we switch on creative thinking and force idea generation?

What do you think?

I think we can learn to think creatively. Creative thinking is the ability to imagine or create something new and look at problems from a different perspective. It is an attitude. We learn to accept change and be prepared to try new ideas.

Creative ideas are rarely a flash of inspiration that just arrive in your head. Creative ideas are mostly the result of hard work and time. But we do not always have a lot of time so can we force creative thinking in a short space of time?

Can you force creativity in an hour?

What we can do is create an environment where we can focus on the problem or goal in question. We need to take away distractions, turn off phones and possibly take ourselves away from our normal working environment. Once in an environment where we can focus we need to let go of our judgement, our critical thinking and let our creative thoughts flow. I think this is the answer.

We cannot force a creative idea in an hour. We can facilitate an hours worth of creative thinking time.

This may well produce some great ideas. I think it is best not to force that idea. What I mean is if we put ourselves under pressure to have a great idea we are unlikely to achieve it. If we give ourselves permission to let our thoughts flow and be free of judgment and criticism then we are more likely to come up with great ideas.

Finding the zone where you can free your mind to open up and flow with thoughts and ideas is what will breed great ideas. It might be in the shower, the bath, on a long walk, or though conversation. It might be a lively group discussion, a brainstorming session, or taking time out and letting the subconscious stew for a bit. It could be making a physical change to take a new perspective. Sit on top of a hill or even a climbing frame, swap desks with someone, or spend an hour in a café. And remember conversation can often bring about interesting, new and surprising ideas. Keep talking, keep learning, and keep asking questions.

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