Christmas Branding

Is Christmas one of our big brands?

Brand recognition is a powerful thing. When working at it’s best a brand creates trust and is widely recognised.

Father Christmas is a widely recognised symbol of Christmas across the world. His image has evolved over years and his red and white suit is now a standardised image.

Christmas icons - Father Christmas

Some businesses use colour to create brand recognition. Think Cadbury, Coca Cola, The White Company, Orange, Yellow Pages, Starbucks…

Red and Green are the classic colours of Christmas. The colour red symbolises the blood shed by Jesus Christ and the colour green symbolises the eternal life of Christ.

Christmas icons - Christmas trees

Colour is powerful in branding. People see colour before they process anything else. Take any word and put it in the Google colours and you are likely to think Google. Icons are equally as powerful. We can create a snowy Christmassy scene and put it in our brand colours and we still see Christmas without the use of red or green.

Successful brands are often recognised even when only an icon is visible with no brand name. Think Nike, Pepsi, Apple, Addidas, Macdonalds.

We need no words to accompany the many icons of Christmas. And we can use our own brand colours without the effecting the message. Think holly, candles, mistletoe, Christmas baubles, stockings…

Christmas icons


Some businesses are dependent on the seasons and their sales fluctuate accordingly. This can become an important part of their brand.

Snowflakes are symbolic of the cold winter season that most of us know to be synonymous with Christmas. Even used in isolation they make us think of Christmas.

Christmas icons - snowflakes

People are loyal to their favourite brands. When a brand is known well people often look out for a colour, icon or shape and do not need to read the labels to find their products of choice. Businesses with great brands manage to reflect their business personality in their brand image, their brand message and in the delivery of their products and services.

We show our love of Christmas and celebrate by decorating our homes and offices with Christmas symbols. We then wrap up Christmas with festive cards and beautifully wrapped presents.

Merry Christmas!

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