Communicate effortlessly with a great icon

The stamp is an icon


An icon that delivers!

I love stamps. Miniature designs, often a series, and beautifully created. My childhood collection of stamps is lovingly documented in albums. My Grandad (an avid stamp collector himself) taught me everything. Hours of obsessive fun!

The single most recognisable thing about any stamp is its white border and perforated edge.

But why does the humble stamp still have perforated edges now that they are self-adhesive? The perforations on a stamp were purely functional. Sheets of stamps were printed, glued and perforated so we can easily detach one at a time. Today of course, we no longer have to tear a stamp from a sheet and lick and stick it. They are self-adhesive.

But stamps would look wrong with straight edges. Why?

Because the shape of a stamp has developed into an icon. This icon is used across the world. Language is not a barrier. Culture is not a barrier. We can take any image, drawing, photograph we want and frame it in a white border with a perforated edge and it becomes a stamp.

Brilliant. A successful globally recognised icon.

Design that truly delivers!

An icon that delivers

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