What can a Graphic Designer do for you?

This question is often asked of me in general conversation. It is difficult to sum up what a graphic designer can do in a few words because there are so many ways a designer can help.

Effective communication

A graphic designer can create visual material to help you communicate with your customers and potential customers. This is either in printed or digital format.

The list includes: logos, business cards, leaflets,  brochures, conference material, campaign branding, campaign material, website design, digital advertising, printed advertising, merchandise, book covers, publication artwork, magazine design, newsletters, calendars, graphs and charts, infographics, presentations.

Advise, guide and create great designs

A Graphic Designer has many skills they use to achieve effective visual communication.

1 – Creative Skills

A graphic designer is a problem solver and a creative thinker. They have a natural flair for where to place text, images and graphics on a page and how to control the negative space. They can create unique imagery and graphics for you. They have the ability to create the right impact to get the attention of your target market. A graphic designer is sensitive to what appeals to customers and empathetic to what clients would like and need.

How do they do this?

A graphic designer will do research into your industry and target market. They will ask pertinent questions about what you are trying to achieve and why so they can reach this goal. They will advise on the type of material you can use and the format it could be. They can help you to write a brief. They will put ideas into reality by getting into the head of your business and translating that into visuals. They will draw up options and guide you through a decision making and eliminating process.

They can create:

Colour schemes
Graphs and charts in bespoke styles

2 – Technical skills

A graphic designer is trained to use industry standard software programmes to create your artwork. They are trained to set type correctly and professionally and use fonts wisely and sympathetically. They can adhere to accessibility recommendations. They understand brand guidelines and how to implement them as well as be creative within those restraints.

A Graphic designer can prepare files for the printer. They understand colour and image quality for printed items and for digital files. They can advise you on which paper type and thickness to use.

3 – Print buying / liaising with suppliers

A Graphic designer can also help with buying print and digital solutions for clients. This involves sourcing specialist printers, comparing prices and writing specifications for individual jobs. Designers will also work closely with printers to create bespoke jobs. They can organise the set up of a website including the domain name, host package and software platform. They work closely with developers to create and build websites and digital solutions. Graphic designers will create digital ready files optimised correctly for screen use.

A graphic designer will have a network of other skilled creative professionals including:

Sign writers
Merchandise suppliers

Make ideas happen

A designer is a strategic thinker. That means they can help you map out what you are trying to achieve and come up with ideas to reach those goals. Ideas that can help you to communicate. A graphic designer can organise information into easy to read and easy to follow visual journeys.



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