Design is about communicating to your audience. There is no use creating something that looks awesome if the people you are trying to talk to don’t like it. Any marketing work must appeal to your target market.

A great way to understand your target market is to create profiles or personas. Be very specific. Give them fictitious names, job titles, hobbies and lifestyle traits. Base this on a summary of either your typical client or customer or on your ideal customer you wish to seek. There are likely to be several types of people you want to attract attention from. I recommend three to five profiles which will depend on your industry and business. If you need to write more than five then think about how you can group them into types.

How does profiling help a designer?

The look and feel of your marketing materials can be designed in many ways. Starting with detailed profiles of the target market gives us an audience to talk to. Without that audience it’s like designing blindfolded!

Once you have your profiles in place it is easier to talk to the clients you want to keep, new clients you want, and to alienate the clients you don’t want.


Target market - profiling


Example Profile:

Jasmine – Conference coordinator

Jasmine is in charge of running 4-5 conferences per year for her company. This is a full time job and requires not only planning but bringing together various colleagues input at the right times. She needs to promote each event before and during the conferences and then follow up new leads. She needs a designer to help create the conference material which may involve several items that fit into a progressive marketing campaign. She needs someone who appreciates the deadlines she has to meet and someone who can create stand-out graphics within their brand guidelines.

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