How do you relax away from the screen?

Hobbies can be the complete opposite of what you do everyday. Or they can be an extension of what you do. Hobbies can divert your attention away from your anxieties or discomfort. They can be an escape from the mundane tasks of life. Hobbies may even be meditative. Something you can get lost in.

Find something you enjoy where you can focus on expressing yourself and give out. Why? Because we are constantly absorbing information and responding to incoming signals. Our world is heavily influenced by the digital world meaning it is easy to spend more time absorbing information rather than creating it. Make time to express yourself and create outgoing messages. Physically creating something by hand connects you to your subject in a way you cannot do on the computer screen. You feel it, smell it and interact with it. You stimulate the brain and make new connections. You are creating something. It is an excellent opportunity to tune out from the constant bombardment of information from digital sources and focus on outgoing expressive activities. The visual arts are often used as therapy and rehabilitation. Pottery, painting, drawing, printing, photography and textiles are all great forms of relaxation. Or try music, dance, cooking or writing.

I love to create prints by hand. I experiment with Monoprinting, letterpress printing, and lino cuts. This is an extension of my day job. The skills I develop are complimentary and can directly help my career development. It is also an opposite form of activity. It is physical and an escape from sitting in front of a computer. I find it relaxing. I enjoy the time away from the screen. It has become a form of therapy to me and I make time for this.

Make time to unwind, express yourself, and stimulate your mind.

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