Are you missing a piece of awesome literature about your business to hand out at workshops, networking meetings or introductory meetings? Or perhaps you are celebrating a milestone event in your business and you want to boost your marketing with some one off leaflets.

Where do you start? Ask yourself these 6 questions:

  1. Where might you hand out this leaflet?
  2. Will you distribute it in the post?
  3. Will you leave your leaflets on a reception desk or in a leaflet stand?
  4. What does your leaflet have to compete with?
  5. What is the environment your leaflet will have to cope with?
  6. What content do you need to deliver?

The answers to these questions will help to dictate the format. For example…

1 – DL leaflet format – perfect for DL sized leaflets stands

If you are displaying your leaflets on a leaflet stand you are likely to need a DL leaflet – an A4 sheet folded into three. It is also likely the bottom half will be obscured so make the top half of the cover engaging.

dl leaflet example

2 – Concertina fold, 150mm square, A5 stitched or gatefold – for sending in the post

Avoid the large letter fee by fitting your leaflet into a DL (as above), 150mm square or C5 envelope. Remember it needs to be within the 5mm max depth too. Consider a concertina fold to help the flow of information. Choose a gatefold leaflet where you open out from the centre giving you a large inside area. This would work well for an infographic or complex table which you do not want to spread across separate pages.

leaflet examples

3 – Booklet, unusual sizes or z-cards – for leaving on a reception desk

A leaflet left on a reception desk will look really appealing if it oozes quality so people want to take it home. A booklet gives you space and time to tell a story. A z-card is easy to slip into a pocket or wallet. Unusual sized formats look intriguing. Special printing processes look premium.

alternative leaflet styles

Compete with other literature with great content and great impact. Make your leaflet flow seamlessly. The folds of your leaflet should not interrupt the flow of information.


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