Why produce a leaflet and how do you make it successful?

A leaflet has its work cut out because it is a busy environment out there with a lot of distractions. If you personally hand over your little gems you can make sure it lands in the right hands. In reality you will probably be out of sight and your leaflet could quite possibly land on the floor before it has a chance to be touched and/or go straight to the bin. So why produce a leaflet? Good question.

The one reason why you should produce a leaflet:

You have some great content you can share in print, in a professional manner and you have a method of distributing this to potential customers/clients.

Tips for successful leaflet design

  • A leaflet is a tactile object. Its touch as well as its content is all part of the experience. How does it fold? Does the information flow?
  • Let the content lead you to the most suitable format
  • Tell a story. Sequential information needs to flow in the correct order – try using a booklet format
  • Create a diagram or infographic. Place on the centre spread of a DL leaflet (A4 folded into 3) or create a leaflet which folds out into a poster
  • Illustrate a table of information. You will need space to introduce the table and perhaps give a summary
  • Write out questions and answers
  • Reveal a step-by-step flow of information
  • Give extra information e.g. useful links, local information, affiliate marketing, or complimentary services.

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