WATT Coaching Logo design


A new business name needed a new logo design for WATT Coaching which stands for Wood and the Trees. A coaching business for driven people who have achieved a high level of output but face burn out or overwhelm and are not sure how to regain control without losing their sense of purpose.

The aim was to look empowering, show a sense of achievement, look purposeful and performance related with a sense of calm. To help people feel there is a positive solution to finding their way through the fog.

A bold yet calm logo with a sense of change and upward progress. The icon doubles up to represent both the woods and finding optimal performance with balance. The connection between the trees represents support. The colours are strong yet natural. The contrasting font styles soften the look. I created several templates for use on social media using the new brand style and colours.

“It is great and I really enjoy using the designs” 

Jo Plimmer

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