You have had your logo for years so why change it?

Your clients know and recognize your logo so best to keep it, right?

Not necessarily.

We get comfortable with the things that are familiar in our lives. Sometimes it takes someone else to see the need for a change. We might not see that our favourite jumper is looking tired and worn out and wear it as best anyway. Sometimes it takes a friend, partner, colleague or client to change our perspective and realize the truth.

Recently I had a conversation that went a bit like this…

Me “Are there any elements you would like to keep from your current website?”

S “My logo, I don’t think I need to change that. I’ve had it for ages.”

Me “I think you would really benefit from refreshing the logo design. We can keep the same sense but I think it looks a little out of date. We can update the proportions so it works better on your social media pages as well.”

”Well it has always been difficult to make it look good in a square format. And my business has really moved on since I first started. It would be great to make it more relevant to what my business is now.”

Me “I can definitely help with that. We can keep the same colours to help with brand recognition. Everyone knows you for those colours”

S “So I guess I am having a new logo then!”

Feedback is so important to us all. Listen to your customers. Ask them directly what they think of your brand. If we sit comfortably with the same things around us it becomes easy to leave them be. Freshen things up a little and embrace change.

  • Move your logo on as your business grows
  • Re-evaluate your business and refresh your logo to fit
  • A fresh new logo will give you and your team a boost of motivation
  • An update gives people a reason to have another look at your business with fresh eyes.
  • If you feel embarrassed about the way your business looks, it is time for a change


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