And how does that compare to customer experience?

Have you questioned what your brand is saying about you and your business?

Have you ever felt disappointed with the way you present the business?

Are your sales team happy with the materials available to use?

These are all useful questions to ask.

Imagine your logo having a conversation with the logo of a new prospect. How does it show up? Are you proud of the impression it makes?

Your brand is defined by what people say about your business, how well they connect, how they feel when interacting with the business.

Is there is a difference between how you present your business and how your current customers feel when interacting with the business? If so, the branding is not fitting the experience. There is a disconnect. You are giving one impression by how you look and yet giving a different impression when people become customers. This creates confusion and less brand engagement. It’s like booking a holiday based on tranquil photography only to find out there is a noisy motorway nearby. The experience does not match the visuals.

You may be missing a golden opportunity to be much more appealing to future prospects. What people actually love about your offer might not be represented in your branding.

For example, a business may have a straightforward corporate look. The style may be saying this is a task-driven, get the job done business with no frills. The service might actually offer over and above customer service, great rapport with staff, additional advice, and be a delight to work with. Imagine how much more engaging the brand could be if people got that feeling of delight in the first instance rather than deadpan functionality?

How do you like your eggs? Hard-boiled, soft-boiled, easy-over, sunny-side up? There is no right or wrong answer yet each one has a different personality you could associate it with. Discover which style best suits the nature of your business and the customer experience.

To sum up

It is hard to step outside the business and evaluate your own branding. I can help you take an outsiders view of where you are at and if any changes would be beneficial. An in-depth review of your brand will help you to know what to keep and what to change.

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