No logo does not mean no brand

Charlotte didn’t think she had a brand because she did not have a logo or a brand style. Here are some of the thoughts that were going through her mind:

“I think the brand is something I need to explore but don’t know where to begin.”

She said, “I am envious of those with a business that have a strong brand”.

Furthermore, “I have developed a need to create marketing materials but am completely stuck about what these should look like”.

Charlotte had been running her consultant business for a few years. She had a simple template web page with an image, her name and paragraphs of text.

Charlotte did in fact have a brand, albeit an accidental brand. The impression she was making online and in her literature was plain, practical, low cost, and simply informative. It looked basic, quiet, understated, and lacking in dynamics.

However, the impression she was making in person was entirely different. She was, “an energetic, enthusiastic, focused, strategic thinker and project planner with a wealth and depth of knowledge.”

The light bulb moment

Charlotte realised that she had created an accidental brand.

“I had no idea that by doing nothing, I was giving the impression of a very amateur business.”

By keeping the marketing materials so basic, she had actually created a mediocre and plain brand. It was harming first impressions because she was communicating an entirely different image to the one she would have wanted. It was not inspiring people to see her offer as one of value.

The solution

Whether you are a start-up business or have been up and running for a few years, you can choose to consider what your brand image is communicating. Consider whether the in-person experience is wildly different to the impression you make on your website or social media. Get some feedback on your literature and collateral and see if they are making the impression you want them to make. A designer can help you get the visual language right for your business.

If you would like to understand more about the impression you make with the visuals you choose, I can help.

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