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What is a Brand?

Many find this difficult to answer. It is much easier to comprehend what a brand is when we swap the word ‘brand’ for the word ‘business’:

Brand Identity = Business Identity Рthe visual appearance

Brand Awareness = Business Awareness – when people know about you

Brand Personality = Business Personality – when people ‘get you’

Brand Experience = Business Experience – the experience when people buy from you

A business is made up of many parts: the audience (the buyers), the industry, the people, the skills, the vision, the values, and the magic – the results.

The brand is the business - all it's parts

The Brand is the Business – all of it

Everything about a business contributes towards the impression it makes – it’s brand. In order to understand the business brand, it is helpful to take a walk around the business and get a really good picture of all its parts.

Who are the best buyers – the ideal customers?

Are there any relevant industry norms or expectations, trends or regulations?

Who are the people in the business?

What skills are needed for the business to work?

What is the vision – why this business?

What are the values of the people in the business?

What is the magic – what are the results people get when they buy?

Why does this matter?

The experience of each part effects the perception of the business – the brand. It is crucial that each part of the business tells a consistent story. Consistency will build up the perception of the business in an authentic and meaningful way. Consistency will gain trust amongst potential customers.

People buy based on emotions followed by rational thinking

Harvard Business School professor, Gerald Zaltman, found that 95% of our purchasing decisions, take place subconsciously.

95% of purchasing decisions take place subconsciously

We cannot take the emotion out of the decision. In fact, Neuroscientists have found that people whose brains are damaged in the area that generates emotions, are incapable of making decisions. People make decisions based on emotions first, then the conscious mind looks for rational reasons to back up that decision.

It is therefore important when building a brand, a business, that we connect with potential buyers on an emotional level. Identify key feelings people might have have before making a buying decision. An easy way to do this is the interview your current clients or read reviews and testimonials. Look for the adjectives people use to describe how they felt before and after the experience of buying from you. Are these words the ones you want people to be using?

It is possible to influence how people feel

A brand is the business, and we need people to be aware of the business in order to buy from us. They will buy based on emotions and we can influence how people feel. If we tell a consistent story, if we make people feel certain ways at every touch point, we will build a meaningful brand personality.

One part of the process is the visual appearance; to think through the positioning of the business and then create the logo and the design style to represent it. This is the area I can help with.

I help to identify the desired business perception and interpret this into a visual style for the business. From the logo to colours, fonts and templates.

If you would like help with brand positioning and creating a logo and design style then get in touch via email or through Linkedin.