5 reasons to create a logo:

Recruitment icon help drive recruitment;

independent brandflexibility for branding to be independent of company or product;

recognition icon enable access stakeholders, physicians, and patient groups to recognise the survey;

professional icon help participants to feel they are part of something significant and well-founded;

add polish icon feel confident it looks polished and professional


Plan for design right at the beginning

It’s close to the launch date. After weeks of research and planning, the survey is about to start. For success, you need people to sign up to participate and quickly! Online marketing will be used to find relevant candidates. However, ‘online’ is a crowded and busy place with many shiny lights ready to distract peoples’ attention. Yes, you can craft some powerful words to get their interest and you have a compelling reason why it would be good for them to join the survey. But will they spot it? Are words enough or do you need visuals to put the icing on the cake?

Plan for design development at the beginning of the project because it can then fit smoothly alongside content development and not become a barrier at the final
hour. By doing this, it will enable you to create visuals as the project unfolds, and you may even find it helps your engagement with patient/clinician groups along the way.

A closer look at the benefits

Firstly, a wonderful looking campaign will help gain attention in a crowded online world.

Quote - a wonderful looking campaign will help gain attention

Secondly, creating a campaign image or logo will make it more memorable helping to build on that awareness. With a campaign identity, you can pepper the audience with consistent visual reminders. Moreover, this will create a sense of belonging to that survey for those involved. Use the same logo or campaign image for recruitment adverts, a sign-up page, a social media banner. Follow this through to publicising the outcomes: one page summaries, feedback for those who took their time to be a part of the survey, leave pieces for conferences and even posters and manuscripts can all be part of the same “family”.

Giving the study its own identity also means it is not overtly linked to a product or company. People will take more notice if it focuses on driving better healthcare. It is more desirable when patient outcomes take the lead and it looks independent.

If you need help to create a logo or campaign visual for an evidence study, I’m always happy to chat through project requirements.

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