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There are infinite ways a company can present itself, but…

Is the visual language helping the business reach its potential?

Images, colours, a logo, icons, font style, are all graphics you might use to represent a brand. People will form an opinion about a business and the graphics used will influence the impression made.

Is it loud and shouty, is it quietly confident, is it fun and carefree, is it seriously robust, is it fizzing and popping with energy… ?

What is your visual message? Is it helping or holding you back?

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Designs Like These have helped a lot of businesses get started. Whether you are leaving corporate to set up on your own, are creating a new company straight out of university, if you want to start with a bang we can create a visual profile that your peers will envy.

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Designs Like These have helped a lot of clients take their business to the next level. From looking mediocre to high impact, from looking amateur to top of their game. Whether you are applying for funding or signing up to a high profile conference, we can get your brand image ready to attract attention.

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If you have any questions or feel ready to get started, simply get in touch for a chat.

Portfolio example: New logo design to reflect the growth and success of the company. Read more about this project.

Visuals tell a story

“I had no idea that by doing nothing, I was giving the impression of a very amateur business.”

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What is a brand?

A brand is not a logo. A logo is an icon to represent the brand.

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