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Team spirit was low when it came to the company logo and brand presence. “We were increasingly dissatisfied with our logo and brand style.” This feeling intensified when they started to collaborate with another agency on projects. “Their logo looked so much better. It was nice and clean.”


1/ Better represent what we do as a company

2/ Remove acronym, replace with a recognisable icon

3/ Be able to use the logo icon as a stand alone graphic

4/ Create a brand style for stationery, proposal documents and a web banner


The new logo resolves all the niggly issues. They have an icon which can be used on its own when they want a simple brand presence without spelling out the whole business name. The full logo better represents what they do as a company. The team feels 100% better about the logo. Their brand is recognisable and has a great presence in their industry.


“We are loving the new logo thank you and had some great feedback”

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