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Film logo design

Project Overview

Logo design for Agape Media – a new film company producing factual, human-interest content that is thought provoking and entertaining.


1/ Appeal to the wider public creating interest and intrigue

2/ Create a strong, bold brand identity with great impact on screen

3/ Show they are committed to producing high quality films

4/ Create a sense of light breaking up the darkness

5/ Show they are a reliable, professional and ready to supply films to the top end of the market

What we did

Designs Like These created a range of ideas based around the concept of light, media, telling stories and exploring a subtle reference to the Christian faith. We explored in detail several variations of the idea that people bring light into the darkness when working for others within communities. The balance of the icon size, the words, the colours and the simplicity of the mark itself were key to refining the design.


The Agape Media logo isn’t simply a logo for a website or a business card – it’s one for a televisual environment. The client loved the end result. It displays on screen at the beginning and end of each film with an additional animated light effect.


“I love it  – great work and absolutely captures the essence of what we want our programmes to achieve” Director, Agape Media

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