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Healthcare App logo design

Project Overview

In order to build awareness and be able to approach investors, Max and Sean needed a logo and foundations of a brand style for their new health care business.


1/ Balanced, holistic and warm-hearted

2/ Be a source of prevention and treatment to benefit individuals

3/ Look the part to investors, show they are serious and committed to healthcare

4/ Look the part to individuals looking to prevent the need for medical care through self care

What we did

Together with the founders of Body Mind Technologies we started with research looking at brand styles already in the market. It was important to sit comfortably in the field yet show their difference. We then explored the specific audience for Body Mind Technologies and the different types of personalities they wanted to appeal to. I created 4 different design concepts. In the designs, it was crucial that each idea could be simplified into a recognisable app icon as well as the full logo and business name.


One option stood out as the clear favourite because it was holistic and balanced. The wave idea brilliantly represents both the physical health and mental health side of the app. It look serious and well founded yet friendly and supportive.


Having the logo and brand colours in place allows Max and Sean to begin building brand awareness through social media and confidently approach investors as the next phase of building the business.

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