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Logo Design – Digital Comms

Project Overview

Logo design for web editing and content writing specialist.

Despite being in business for many years, Penny did not have a logo. It was time to up her game with her own marketing and website. She needed a logo to represent her business.


1/ Appeal to big bureaucratic organisations

2/ Focus on digital communication rather than traditional copywriting

3/ Modern and reliable not fluffy or girly

4/ Colours to fit well in the sustainability sector

What we did

I asked Penny to revisit her goals, brand ethos and who she wanted to work with. As part of that, we thought about the types of people she wanted to attract as clients and the organisations she wanted to continue to work with. I created 5 design concepts. Those options explored monogram icons, a pictorial icon, a jaunty layout, and how to introduce the digital communications element and purely typographic styles.


Penny like them all! This was not a problem as I talked her through how to see each option with her brand eyes switched on. We looked at how each one fared against her brand ethos and who she wanted to work with. One option stood out as a clear favourite with the best fit.


“I showed the designs to a friend and her response was: “Wow, great designs – really professional, creative and smart. I’m really impressed.” Penny Kiley

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