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Sales / conference leaflet

Project Overview

Sales leaflet designed initially to hand out at a conference event for The Oxford Group, a City & Guilds company providing management and leadership training, and executive coaching.


  • Introduce the ‘5 conversations’ course offering employee engagement training
  • Explain the 6 different course types they offer
  • Entice potential customers to find out more
  • It needs to be a useful tool for the sales reps when engaging with potential customers
  • Make sure the information flows well and looks great

What we did

Designs Like These was supplied a word document with all the text content to go into the leaflet. We restructured the content and edited the text without losing any of the core information. Repetitive text was stripped out and boxed as one section. Icons were developed to aid a quick visual guide to the different course types.


The sales team were so impressed with the leaflet because it helped them to explain to potential customers what they offer, very easily with concise explanations. They have used up all the leaflets left over from the conference and ordered a re-print for use as their main sales tool. Based on the success of this project we were commissioned to design a brochure for their blended learning programme.

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