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Technology business logo

Project Overview

Logo design for Liquid Networks – a new business selling innovative software development to the product engineering market.


  • Appeal to the engineering and technology markets
  • Produce an engaging ‘kick ass’ logo that is striking and recognisable
  • Show they are credible to potential customers buying the product
  • Show they are a high achieving, innovative business to investors
  • Show they are a reliable, secure development platform

What we did

We developed a plethora of ideas across 5 concepts. Each group of ideas were based on 3 key words. For example ‘Playful – Different – Innovative’ or ‘Manufacturing – Results – High End’. After a round the table discussion with the 3 directors of the business a clear favourite quickly became apparent. We moved on to discuss colours and picked generic colours for the brand and 3 further signature colours. We then selected one colour for each director enabling difference between each business card.


The directors are really happy with their new logo identity and each believe they have the best colour. They took their cards to their first conference and felt confident because they had a strong visual brand behind them. Designs Like These also created a roller banner to engage interest at their first conference event.

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