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Project Overview

PSS London Scaffold Group were embarrassed to hand out their business cards; other cards looked a whole lot better!

They decided to update their logo and business cardsand business stationery. They also wanted to streamline their digital marketing materials so they all looked consistent.


1/ Create a colour palette to be used consistently across all media

2/ Design a new logo that is modern, professional and striking

3/ Create variations of the logo to be appled to different media

4/ Show they give a high quality service and look reliable, trustworthy

The process

This was an opportunity take a step back to understand what current customers thought of their services compared to how new prospects see the business. This research gave an insight into what needed to change. Next was the development of logo design options followed by business cards and business stationery.


The team at PSS London are now really happy with the new logo and confident in their brand presence. They love that everything is consistent and stands out from the competition.


“I cannot wait to give my business cards out, they are great! Fantastic! I am going to burn all my old cards and I feel like I need to get a special holder for them” Keighly Marsh, PSS London ltd

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